About Us

Family Psychological Services, Tasmania, is a comprehensive counselling service for adults, couples, families, adolescents and children.


Family Psychological Services was established in 1994 by Clinical Psychologist, Margaret Stoklosa, who remains the Director of the Practice. The Practice is located at “The Mill”, a colonial cottage built in 1832 on Davey Street, Hobart.

The Mill was originally the house built for the owner of a flour mill that was located in the rear of the premises. The building today retains many of the original colonial features along with some modernisations to accommodate the Psychological Practice. Prior to the establishment of Family Psychological Services at this location, the building was used as a residence for many generations.

Our Values

Family Psychological Services is dedicated to the well being of its clientele and believes in offering a friendly approachable service that promotes healthy personal growth.


New location for Family Psychological Services 29-Jan-2020

Margaret Stoklosa is pleased to inform you that Family Psychological Services will continue to p..