Resilience and Social Confidence Training for Children

Resilience is the ability to bounce back when things go wrong and social confidence is learning social and emotional management skills.

WE NO LONGER PROVIDE THIS SKILL DEVELOPMENT IN GROUPS. However we continue to teach these skills individually so that children can develop healthy relationships and positive attitudes to themselves and the challenges of life. Current research now tells us that teaching these skills at an early age can not only enhance a child’s confidence and coping skills but increases the likelihood of positive mental -health outcomes later in life.

Research also supports the notion that parental involvement in learning these skills increases the likelihood that children will learn and maintain these skills. Parents are, therefore, invited to participate in certain parts of the training and complete homework with their child.Training is now provided individually rather than in a group setting.

A number of topics will be covered over a six to eight week period of training including:

  • Improving and managing friendships
  • Managing feelings and behaviour
  • Learning skills to cope with teasing and bullying
  • Learning how to solve  problems

Each training program will be individualised for your child and their specific needs.



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